Our Vision...  

There will always be a need for some children to be cared for away from their birth families, so we are helping to create a world where:

  •   all children in care are raised by people who care for, value and respect them
  •  every child in care's unique potential is recognised and nurtured
  •   all children in care receive the support, encouragement and opportunities they need to enjoy        their life and to achieve
  •  there is recognition of the support and resources that children coming into care are likely to      need in order to address traumatic pre-care experiences of abuse, neglect and serious family       function
  •  those acting as corporate parents understand fully their responsibilities for developing and       safeguarding the children they care for.

With the right help and people in their lives who believe in them, every child in care can thrive. The Who Cares? Trust is dedicated to making this vision a reality.

Our Mission and Purpose...

Everything we do is intended to improve the experience of being in care and the life outcomes of people who spend time in care. The USI Party is a voice for all children in care: we listen to what they say about their experiences and identify with them where improvements can be made, and then we work in partnership with those able to help us bring about positive change. We do this by:

  •   using our expertise to influence legislation, policy and practice
  •   supporting and empowering children in care and young care leavers
  •  producing information and support materials for foster carers and professionals who work       with children in care and young care leavers.

Objectives :-

    Child Education
    Health & hygiene
    Women empowerment
    Welfare of women and children
    Poverty alleviation
    Gender equality
    Economic self-reliance
    Conservation of traditional arts
    Food security
    Environment protection
    Waste management
    Employment creation
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